Patriot America Insurance

Patriot America Insurance is a visitor health insurance plan protecting non US citizens visiting America from unforeseen medical expenses due to unexpected illnesses or injuries.

The plan can cover for expenses due to hospitalizations, doctor office visits, prescription drugs, and diagnostics (x-rays, CAT scans, MRI etc).

The plan has been time tested and refined for over a decade now. The Patriot Plans have protected hundreds and thousands of visitors to USA and other countries. Get a free quote and apply online to get your ID card & certificate immediately.

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BBB Accredited Business
  • Claims office in USA
  • Direct billing via PPO
  • Cashless claims handling
  • Covers hospital, Dr visits, drugs

Our Promise

Our Promise
  • To Be Your Advocate
  • To Have the Best Prices
  • To offer only trusted US plans
  • To Charge NO FEES


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